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Composition of a concrete fence

Composition of a concrete fence

Because there is no concrete like concrete

We have mixed the concrete that is used to make our concrete fences from basic ingredients for your satisfaction:

  • Cement – our motto is "durability, flexibility and strength", so we use high quality 42.5R cement to turn our motto into reality.
  • Aggregate – as we said before, we are interested in durability in barrier concrete fencing - that's why we add two types of aggregate to the concrete fence mix, 0-4 and 4-8 fraction.
  • Beneficial chemical additives – the right flexibility of the concrete fence in temperatures well above freezing and below freezing is achieved by using certified chemical additives. As an added bonus, these additives limit the concrete fence from soaking up water.
  • Industrial reinforcement – steel reinforcement is embedded in all concrete slabs and posts, providing the concrete fence with maximum strength

What other manufacturers won't tell you

The concrete from which concrete fences are made is composed of purely natural materials, which inevitably results in variations in its own natural composition. Due to other factors during the production and storage of concrete fences, primarily weather conditions, variations in colour shades can occur, as well as the formation of 'efflorescence', i.e. the appearance of free lime contained in the cement on the surface of the concrete fence. It is technologically impossible to prevent the formation of minor colour variations and lime efflorescence, in the sum of all negative influences, even with the use of the most advanced chemical additives. The colour differences and efflorescence may be of varying intensity, but in no case do they affect the quality and performance of the concrete fence.

Any colour differences and lime efflorescence cannot therefore be considered as a defect in the goods. Exposure to the weather and normal mechanical stresses will normally result in the levelling of colour differences and the disappearance of efflorescence. In our opinion, for a beautiful concrete fence, this is a fair offer.