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We transport concrete fences all over the Czech Republic, but it is not a problem to deliver a fence to Austria or Germany. The material for the fence is packed on pallets for transport, so that the handling of the goods is possible with a forklift or other pallet manipulator: excavator (JCB, CAT, Manitou, ...), telescopic handler (Manitou), car with hydraulic arm, etc.

There are two basic options for transporting the fence: without unloading the material and with unloading the material.

Transport without unloading of material

If possible, we try to find transport for you by load (one-way) - that is, such that you pay only one way to you. Such transport cannot be arranged for short distances of up to approximately 50-80km, then it is necessary to arrange solo (two-way) transport.

One-way fence transport by load

The principle is to find a carrier who has an empty (or half-empty car) available for the journey from our location to your location, for example returning from export. We always set the price of one-way transport individually to make it as advantageous as possible for you. The following factors are decisive for the price of one-way transport:

  • the total weight of the fence and the size of the fence (determining the load capacity and size of the truck and therefore the price per kilometre)
  • and the distance of your delivery point from the normal routes (this distance is called the crossing distance and determines the extra charges for the extra carrier crossing).

The price of this transport amounts to approx. 28-45 CZK per kilometre (only one journey is paid), usually 30-40 CZK. We always set the price individually. Getting such transport is subject to the offer of carriers to take such an order, so you should expect a delivery time of approximately 7-14 days from the order. Customers often find transport themselves by addressing a local freight forwarding or transport company, which has better local knowledge and has an overview of what cars regularly return to their location and thus is able to provide transport faster and cheaper.

Two-way transport of the fence by solo carrier

In case of shorter distances up to 50-80 km (depending on the location of your fence implementation site) we provide two-way transport, which means that the carrier will travel to you solo and therefore both journeys must be paid for. The price of this option amounts to approx. 30-40 per kilometre (both return and outward journeys are paid).

You also need to take into account that trucks cannot drive on some sections normally passable for cars due to various prohibitions and thus if you would go by car 40 km, the haulier would be forced to go around the ban and drive e.g. 30 km more per trip.

Unloading the material

For transport without unloading of the material, a truck or lorry will be delivered to you (we will notify you of the delivery date approximately 1-3 working days in advance) and unloading of the material must be arranged on your part. In almost every village there is a pallet handler available who is able to unload the truck. The most common manipulators available are: forklift, excavator (e.g. JCB, CAT, Volvo,...), telescopic handler (Manitou), car with hydraulic arm, in some cases a crane is possible.

It is necessary to take into account the load capacity of the manipulator, i.e. how heavy a pallet it can unload. Our pallets are usually up to 1.5t, but it can happen that a pallet can reach a weight of up to 2t. If it is not possible to provide a handler with the required load capacity, but only a handler with a lower load capacity (e.g. the commonly available UNC), if technically possible, we will pack the individual components on more lighter pallets upon agreement.

The advantage of the unloading provided by you is the saving on transport costs, and also the machine can spread the pallets on the property for easier installation of the concrete fence, or it lays them for you in a place for further storage inaccessible to the hydraulic arm.

Where can I get a machine to unload a fence in my location?

They have a forklift at almost every cooperative, and local building supply stores, lumberyards, masonry and other operations that handle heavy objects are also likely to have one. Technical services or construction companies may also be approached. 

Transport with material unloading

If you don't want to burden yourself with unloading material, we offer you the option of transport by truck with hydraulic arm. The driver and the crane operator will unload the material on the ground using the hydraulic arm. The unloading location is limited only by the reach of the arm. If weather conditions and terrain permit (no wet ground or mud, or you have a paved driveway), the driver can enter your property with the truck and unload the material to the fence implementation site.

This type of transport is virtually impossible to get fully utilised of, thus always a two-way journey is always charged. The price costs around 30-40 CZK per km + unloading approx. 150 CZK / pallet (we will always calculate the final price in the quotation in advance).

Currently we have a truck with hydraulic arm with a capacity of 24t.