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Most frequently asked questions

Most frequently asked questions

  • Multi-angle difference is solved by seating two end posts side by side. The second option is to bow the slab in the post. The bowing makes about 20cm at the end of the slab.
  • Corner post only 90 degrees, if you have a different angle use the 2 end ones and rotate according to the desired angle.
  • Grid slab is 30cm at the edge, 50cm at the bow.
  • Post patterned + double-sided is not available in 1,75m. It can be used at 2m and is sunk more into the ground to the required fence height.
  • We do not recommend using the slabs as a retaining wall. Customers can build at their own risk without warranty claim.
  • How to recognize end patterned posts: End (initial) post for concrete fence. There are two options, right (P) and left (L), the orientation is determined by the view side, if the post is on the left it is left, if it is on the right it is right.
  • The 2.25 m post is not produced. The 2,5 m one shall be used and sunk more into the ground.